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Tunnel Ventilation


Design and consultancy in the field of smoke protection in tunnels is the focus of our activities.




We provide specialist expertise in the field of aerodynamics, thermodynamics, ventilation and smoke control in underground transportation facilities.

Development of system design from concept to detailed design to tendering to commissioning and testing is carried out according to:


the German guideline about equipment of road tunnels RABT,

the guidelines and the safety manual BSA of the Swiss Federal Roads Office FEDRO (ASTRA),

the Austrian guidelines RVS, the ASFiNAG road tunnel ventilation design handbook PLaPB,

the European Directive on minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the Trans-European Road Network 2004/54/EC,

the PIARC publications on safety, smoke control and air demand in road tunnels

and other applicable national and international codes and standards.


Calculation, modeling and dynamic simulation of the aerodynamics and thermodynamics of complex tunnel ventilation systems,

Commissioning and professional support of factory acceptance tests FAT, site acceptance tests SAT and fire / smoke tests,

Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) plant simulation for cost effective developing, testing, commissioning and inspection of control systems, application of the Tunnel Simulator,

Preparation of technical specifications and bill of quantities (BoQ) for jet-fans, supply- and exhaust-fans, fire-dampers, air-quality instruments, flow state monitors and other components,

Elaboration of system specification for control systems and assistance in implementation,

Assistance in tendering of engineering-, installation- and design-services, components and equipment,

Elaboration of tunnel ventilation system design guides, guidelines, manuals, handbooks and

Delivery of third-party expert opinion, design review and specialist counseling.


Consolidated, competent expert knowledge of specific requirements and technology. Project references in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and Greece and several other European and non-European countries including projects in Eurasia, Asia and Australia.



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