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Aerodynamics of Buildings and Structures


To understand wind effects on buildings, structures and the environment, thorough insight into the nature of wind is required. Due to numerous wind tunnel tests, simulations and full scale measurements, we have developed a rich experience base that we like to share with you.





Consulting on designing buildings and their surrounding open spaces to minimise worsening local wind climates or pedestrian wind comfort. Contributing to environmental audits.


Determining relevant wind loads on buildings using codes, standards and wind tunnel tests. Handling of wind-caused problems on sun shading devices.


Judgement of wind effects on building ventilation, indoor comfort, smoke extraction and indoor air quality. Optimising natural ventilation concepts regarding ecology, energy and ergonomics. Assistance in design of double skin façade constructions.


Judgement of wind effects on tunnel-portals and the corresponding influence on performance and operational safety of the tunnel ventilation system.


Judgement of recirculation and propagation of vehicle- or plant-emissions, HVAC-exhaust air or smoke in and around buildings and underground transport facilities.


Delivery of third-party expert opinion.